Parksville Newcomers Alumni Club


Parksville Newcomers Alumni Club have an elected Board of Directors to facilitate the general operation of the Club and help organize and harmonize the various group activities. Each activity has one or more appointed coordinator.

PNAC encourages new activities and one-time special events as well as activities that take alumni to other areas of the Island. Suggestions for new activities are welcomed. Membership dues are $15 per person per year.

Activity Groups

Activity Groups are organized around an activity or hobby. Each group has a volunteer coordinator who oversees the Group’s activities and provides information to its members and prospective members. Most activities take place from Sept. to June.

To learn more about the group or join the group please contact the coordinator at his or her email listed below and remove “PNAC” from the email address:

Bowling: Ken Bucyk ( 951-0823

Bridge: Ann Staples ( 947-9977

Monday Ladies Golf  (all year weather permitting): Lynn Cindric ( 947-9800

Ladies Lunch: Sharon Purves (  586-8924 & Elinor Tait ( & Pat Cooke ( 248-9823

Mah Jong: Sharon Purves ( 586-8924

Men’s Golf: Bruce Beaudry ( 947-9473

Mixed Lunch: Joan Witfield ( 780-920-0249

RV Camping: Gary Way ( 586-8854

Sunshine Lady: Pat Green ( 248-3692

Walking Groups: Jim Epp ( 586-8877


The following are the members of the Board of Directors of PNAC:

President Brenda Riley

Vice President Ingrid Sly

Secretary Mary McClelland

Treasurer/Membership Sheila Coulbourn

Activities Director Kim Beaudry

Newsletter/Publicity Gary Way

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