We are excited to host our first Newcomers meeting on Zoom!

If  you have the Zoom app, be sure to update to version 5.0 prior to the call. All Zoom calls after May 30th, require the updated version.

If you have not experienced Zoom yet, there are two ways to access the link shared in the email newsletter.

  1. through the free Zoom app you download to your computer, tablet or phone* OR
  2. through your web browser.

* Note that the larger your screen/monitor the more people on the call you’ll be able to see. On a small screen, you may only see the person who is speaking.


To access the Newcomers meeting through your web browser, follow the link in the Newcomers newsletter email.

First, you will see this on your screen: Click on “click here.” There’s no need to click on “Open Zoom Meetings.”


Then, click on “join from your browser.” And then you’ll be in the Newcomers meeting!


We recommend that you join the meeting at least 5 minutes before the 2:00 start time.  Give yourself extra time if your downloading or updating the Zoom app.

Once you’re in the room, have your video camera on so we can see you. Your mic will be muted by the meeting host. During the discussion when you want to speak, use the controls at the bottom of the screen to “raise your hand.” The host will call on you and unmute your mic.








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