I hope you are all well and finding ways to occupy yourself and keep in touch with family and friends while we continue to stay home to fight the coronavirus to help keep our community safe. Usually our “heroes” are the people who go out and fight the “bad guys,” but now we are the heroes for not going out.

The PNC Board had a virtual board meeting on March 30. Based on the expectation that public health authorities will not lift the ban on gatherings outside the home in April, the board voted to continue to not to have activity group meetings for the next month.  

We plan to revisit this at the end of the third week of April when public health may be in a better position to predict when this ban will be lifted.  It appears the only thing we can be sure of right now is that we can’t be sure of anything.

Also at the meeting we identified which board positions will be vacant on September 1, 2020 and they are as follows:

Special Events



Community Relations

If you are interested in serving on the board in any of these positions please contact me at president.pnc@gmail.com.

Thank you for your understanding. Keep well.


Susan McAlevy, President

Parksville Newcomers Club


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